Freitag, 5. März 2010

Quantic Mixes Der gute Will Holland a.k.a. Quantic lebt ja mittlerweile in Cali in Kolumbien und hat für seine Webseite drei zirka 20-minütige Mixe gemacht, die man downloaden oder streamen kann. Das Ganze wirkt auf den ersten Blick recht exotisch, ich fand das eine oder andere aber recht spannend. Einfach mal rechts die Styles abgrasen. Cumbia & Jazz I thought it was time to serve an offering Orchestral Cumbia & Porro. Its the rattle of Maraca, parps and squeeks of Trombone & Clarinet & the bass thud of the Tambora that I’ve been collecting on record for the past years. It is a very unique sound with roots in the traditions of Monteria Brass Bands, jazz influences of band leaders like Duke Ellington & Machito, artful record producers of the day and Colombia’s own unique musical elegance. Calypos, Cumbias & Compas Some what of a ‘new arrivals’ mix, here is the best of music found recently from Trinidad, Haiti, Colombia & Africa. I’m particularly warming to calypso of late & Charanga too, from Colombia’s north coast. Enjoy this mix of new music (some of it over 50 years old!). Descarga! Descarga! Descarga! A Descarga is a latin music jam session, a explosion of dense rhythmic improvisation, trumpets & piano montunos. Simular to instrumental funk Bsides, the Descarga was a chance for the band to jam out & display their talents, each band member usually getting a few bars to flair. These songs were often programmed last in order on the LP and in some cases invented by the group on the spot to use up leftover tape. (R-man)


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Netter Beitrag

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hallo R-man,

hatte irgendwie geglaubt, du wärst allergisch gegen Süd-Amerika.

Da dies anscheinend Irrglaube war, hier Hinweis auf den tollen Roots of Chicha - Sampler (z.B.

Vielleicht gefällt´s.

Viele Grüße
Mad Daddy