Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

Peter hat seine Liste zur Verfügung gestellt, die er als "Rundbrief" international verschickt - darum auf englisch.
Peter hth's 2012

...oh my God, it`s near to 2013 and should I really do a best of 2012 list?
I HATE these kind of lists because:
1. My memory is so weak, I can`t remember to all that I have listened to in 2012.
2. I listened to so much things, that other people cannot know, because most of it is unreleased or will be released in the future. Then, every music has it`s special situation when it works. If you are sitting with friends in a party place, there is other kind of music as „the best of“ as if you`re listening at diner with friends and have a nice talk.

So I will write down what comes first in mind when I think of special situations … Without special order:
1. Sitting in my basement party room with my son : Flamimg Lips – „… and Heady Fwends“ Loud, simple, powerfull.
Can – „The lost tapes“ Krautrock, Neu!, back to my roots.

2. Sitting in my basement party room alone: God speed you! Black Emperor – „'ALLELUJAH! DON'T BEND! ASCEND!“ A trip like it was back in the 70th.

3. Sitting in my basement with friends: Zenzile – „Zenzile“.

4. Having diner with friends, talking and listening to music:
Andrea Schroeder – „Blackbird“ Perfect mood for listening in the backgroend and in the conversation breaks intense listening to beautiful music.

5. Laying on the couch and let my mind and soul walk anywhere: Scott Walker „Bish Bosch“ Outside of any music you expect to, very „free“.

 6. Sitting in front of my best speakers and turn it up really loud: Neil Young – „Psychedelic Pill“ Nobody makes guitar sounds like the master.

7. Sitting with my wife, talking about daily things and listening to music : Gemma Ray – „Island Fire“ Pop, songs, sing alongs … Beth Orton – „Sugaring Season“ Wonderfull production by Tucker Martine, Hugo Race – „No but it`s true“ Hugo solo … his voice is beating everything.

8. If I don`t feel good, it will be better soon after listening to this: P.I.L. – „This is PIL“ Comeback of the year

9. Live music The Walkabouts – „Berlin“ and „Dresden (EP)“ The whole Walkabouts tour in 2012 was THE highlight in live music.

10. And then of course, I listened to so many music that has been released on Glitterhouse or wanted to be released on Glitterhouse. Too much to mention. Represantative for all this beautiful music I vote for : Various Artists / A compilation of Glitterhouse artists from 2012 –„Into the black Vol. 3“.

11. O.k. … the most part of my time I listened to music that is or will be released on Glitterbeat in 2013: Ben Zabo – „Ben Zabo“ For me THE number one release of the year Or the upcoming releases: Dirtmusic – „Fetish“, Samba Touré – tba, Markus Ernestus meets Ben Zabo – „Wari Vo in Dub“, Lobi Traoré – „Live @ BOZO`s 1995“ Tamikrest … And many many others But I also listened to many re-released back catalogue albums, like Fela Kuti – „Live in Detroit 1986“ etc … too many to mention.

I didn`t like too much „Kid Kophausen“, but I came back to Nils Koppruch and Fink … RIP Best of „Nobody knows it“ : Burkney Jack – „Company of shadows“ That`s it … thanks and „Sorry“ for all the good music I forgot.

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